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Integral projects os water worldwide
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Integral projects os water worldwide Integral projects os water worldwide Integral projects os water worldwide


Two major groups endorse us

SETA Proyectos Internacionales benefits from the backing, the credibility and the economic solvency of GRUPO EUROFINSA, thus bringing a large experience in the international market, in the development and the execution of turnkey projects and in the financing of foreign trade operations in emerging countries.

SETA Proyectos Internacionales holds its strength in the research of innovating financial solutions which offer specific formulas adapted to its customers’ requirements while bringing global solutions.

Our experience as far as financing and international trade operations are concerned is based on the knowledge of the financial products offered by the capital markets and the techniques for their implementation and optimization.

In addition, SETA Proyectos Internacionales makes available to its customers various sources of financing coming from bilateral agreements signed between countries, and it also takes part in international tenders bid by institutions such as the World Bank, the European Union, the Development Bank and the United Nations.